The key to deliver a successful campaign lies in the art of media planning. Media planning when done efficiently can help brands attain goals with maximum ROI. Planning in out of home industry has largely been manual or at best has been relying on aggregator data sites to choose and construct plans based on historic or incomplete data-sets making it a tedious process to plan, while also exhibiting minimum accuracy.

Lemma has built a business intelligence tool as a solution to this challenge, wherein data-stacks form the pillars on which media plans will be constructed.  Lemma pioneer in programmatic DOOH has always spearheaded data and tech based innovations in the digital out of home industry. With a clear vision of transforming digital out of home as mainstream, Lemma has adapted several of the digital media processes to digital out of home, thereby  bringing it at equal footing with mobile and webs ads.


An AI enabled planning tool.

Falcon uses data at its core to facilitate ML augmented media decisions, thereby introducing the DOOH ad world to an automated system of media planning that is accurate, efficient and quick.  Utilizing a data-stack, aggregated by ingesting information from various sources, the advanced AI engine analyzes, classifies, compartmentalizes & converts data to deliver better media outcomes, that boosts relevant audience reach and delivers improved ROI

Key Features

Audience Intelligence -Falcon overlay’s data across demographic, device type, audience attributes and other information and assigns a confidence score which is indicative of how likely you are to reach the desired TG basis the data input and screen selection.

ML Optimized Plans –

The input by the user is analyzed by the AI Engine and mapped against the data-stack to give the most optimal output.

Planning Process Efficiencies –

Current Planning Process is manual and the output is dependent on multiple stakeholders

Using Falcon reduces the planning time from days to minutes. It compiles pertinent data into one view to boost efficiency, accuracy and consistency.

The Evolved Planning Process – Falcon
All screen data and audience information reflecting on single dashboard

The uniform format makes it easy to compare multiple screen options. It givens the planners a free hand in building plans independently from a single platform.

Dynamic Data Processing – A fast paced platform which delivers output almost immediately with no lag time.  Any edits can be input in the filtering section and the plan would reflect on the panel almost immediately, serving as an extension to efficiencies in media output.

Planner Friendly UI  

A glimpse of Falcon

The first view of the dashboard reflects all basic parameters essential for planning
The advanced filters helps narrow down to more accurate targeting with inventory type, campaign budget , age and other parameters
An elaborate list of screens along with screen name , footfall and other data is displayed in the output window.
The planner can also view the image of the screen by clicking on the Images Tab
You can select other data variables to be downloaded in the excel sheet for a detailed and exhaustive media plan.

Benefits of Falcon

The tool has several advantages that it brings to the planners. As programmatic digital out of home is a part of both the OOH and Online industry, Falcon has been designed keeping in mind the needs of both agencies and planners.  Some of the advantages the tool offers

  • Accurate  Planning & Targeting
  • Maximize Audience Reach
  • Deliver enhanced ROI with Optimized spends
  • Reducing ETA on DOOH media plans
  • Reduces Media wastage